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What are AddThis Profiles?

Why should I have multiple AddThis profiles?

AddThis profiles allow you to have separate content and settings on different sites, or different sections of the same site. And because profiles can be shared between users they give you the ability to share performance and content control with other users without sharing login information. And because you can have multiple AddThis profiles on an individual account, they can save you money, too.

How do I see analytics for my other profiles?

If you have more than one profile on your AddThis account you can switch between them by using the “Profile” drop down at the top left?of the AddThis dashboard:

Why am I not seeing all my profiles?

AddThis files that aren’t created by the person signing up for the AddThis account aren’t visible in the Pro Dashboard automatically. If you have a profile under your account that you’d like to be Pro-enabled, send us an email at [email protected] and include the profile ID.

How do I add a profile?

To add a profile, ?click?“Add Profile.” from the dropdown. ?Enter a name for the profile and click “Add” Once you do, a new screen will show up containing the new profile ID. To use this profile on pages, select the profile from the drop down in the top right of the screen, then click Tool Gallery and then “Get the Code.” Use this code on any page where you want that profile’s settings and content to be shown.

How do I edit a profile?

Click here to edit your profile. There you’ll see all the profiles available under your account. Click on the name of the profile you’d like to edit.

What are AddThis Profiles?
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