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We Turn Big Data Into Smart Data

The AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform combines big data, machine learning and deep ecosystem connections into tools that help you stay ahead.

It All Starts with Extraordinary Data

With 15 million sites in our ever-expanding data co-op, AddThis has unparalleled insight into the interests, intent and activity of over 2 billion uniques on the open web. No other entity can match the reach or depth of the first party permissioned data ingested into Ai every day, which means only AddThis can provide you with a truly current and holistic view into what your audiences actually care about.




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1st Party Permission
Data Points Per Month


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Built on Open Source Technology

AddThis has written open-source code that others, such as Facebook and Twitter, now use to manage tremendous volumes of data. Our native technology includes innovations that take you through the data funnel; from processing billions of requests to storage and refinery to turning them into actionable insights.

We Sharing Our Tech

Here are just a few of our open sourced contributions:


Hydra is a distributed data processing and storage system that ingests streams of data and builds trees that are aggregates, summaries, or transformations of the data.

Stream Library

Stream Library summarizes data for which it is infeasible to store all events by estimating cardinality classes, setting memberships, top-k elements and frequency.

FluxThis takes the pattern and turns it into a super-strict framework to help large teams of developers avoid bad practices and write sustainable, bug-free code.

Metric Catcher

Metrics-Reporter-Config aims to provide a simple way to configure and enable a set of Reporters that can be shared among applications.

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